INCONTACT  information about specific international cooperation calls in the Horizon 2020 work programmes

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Filter call topics by targeted countries

Please click on the country name to filter search results by country. View guidelines...

Click on the country name below to filter search results by country. Most of the countries are grouped by geographical regions.

You may use your web browser's search capabilities to simplify finding the country you are looking for. Usually the search is accessed by pressing Ctrl-F or Cmd-F.

Multiple countries can be selected one by one. When more than 1 country is selected, you can use the logical operator with the following options:

  • AND - only the topics targeted to ALL selected countries will be shown,
  • OR - only the topics targeted to at least SOME of the selected countries will be shown.

Click on a region title to filter results by geographical regions. The logical operator is automatically set to 'AND', to display the call topics targeted to ALL countries within the region. You may want to change the logical operator to 'OR', to display call topics that are targeted to at least SOME of the countries within this region.

The numbers indicate the amount of call topics that are targeted to each country and that are matching the entire search criteria.

Search Results

4 topics within 2 calls were found

Call Identifier Topic Deadline
Security H2020-BES-2014 Information management topic 2: Information management, systems and infrastructure for civilian EU External Actions BES-11-2014 28 August 2014
Security H2020-DRS-2014/2015 DRS-1-2015: Crisis management topic 1: Potential of current and new measures and technologies to respond to extreme weather and climate events 27 August 2015
Security H2020-DRS-2014/2015 DRS-3-2015: Crisis management topic 3: Demonstration activity on large scale disasters and crisis management and resilience of EU external assets against major identified threats or causes of crisis 27 August 2015
Security H2020-DRS-2014/2015 DRS-4- 2014: Crisis management topic 4: Feasibility study for strengthening capacity-building for health and security protection in case of large-scale pandemics – Phase I Demo 27 August 2015