INCONTACT  information about specific international cooperation calls in the Horizon 2020 work programmes

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Search Results

28 topics within 27 calls were found

Call Identifier Topic Deadline
Food H2020-BG-2014-2 Developing in-situ Atlantic Ocean Observations for a better management and sustainable exploitation of the maritime resources BG-08-2014 12 March 2014
Food H2020-BG-2014-2 European polar research cooperation BG-15-2014 12 March 2014
Food H2020-SFS-2014-2 EU-China cooperation on IPM in agriculture SFS-03b-2014 12 March 2014
Food H2020-BG-2014-1 Supporting international cooperation initiatives: Atlantic Ocean Cooperation Research Alliance BG-14-2014 26 June 2014
Food H2020-SFS-2014-1 Sustainable intensification pathways of agro-food systems in Africa SFS-06-2014 26 June 2014
Food H2020-BG-2015-2 Improving the preservation and sustainable exploitation of Atlantic marine ecosystems BG-01-2015 3 February 2015
Food H2020-SFS-2015-2 Small farms but global markets: the role of small and familiy farms in food and nutrition security SFS-18-2015 3 February 2015
Food SFS-20-2015 Sustainable food chains through public policies: the cases of the EU quality policy and of public sector food procurement 3 February 2015
Food SFS-5-2015 Strategies for crop productivity, stability and quality 3 February 2015
Food SFS-7-2014/2015 Genetic resources and agricultural diversity for food security, productivity and resilience 3 February 2015
Food BG-10-2016: Impact of Arctic changes on the weather and climate 17 February 2016
Food BG-12-2016: Towards an integrated Mediterranean Sea Observing Sy 17 February 2016
Food SFS-12-2016: Support for international research on animal health 17 February 2016
Food SFS-24-2016: Reinforcing international cooperation on sustainabl 17 February 2016
Food SFS-41-2016: EU-Africa Research and Innovation partnership on fo 17 February 2016
Food SFS-42-2016: Promoting food and nutrition security and sustainab 17 February 2016
Food SFS-44-2016: A joint plant breeding programme to decrease the EU 17 February 2016
Food SFS-45-2016: Increase overall transparency of processed agri-foo 17 February 2016
Food BG-11-2017: The effect of climate change on Arctic permafrost an 14 February 2017
Food SFS-20-2017: Towards a science-based regionalisation of the Comm 14 February 2017
Food SFS-36-2017: Co-fund on "One Health" (zoonoses – emerging threat 14 February 2017
Food SFS-39-2017: How to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic? 14 February 2017
Food SFS-43-2017: Earth observation services for the monitoring of ag 14 February 2017
Food SFS-46-2017: Alternative production system to address anti-micro 14 February 2017
Food SFS-47-2017: Management of soil water resources in the EU and Ch 14 February 2017
Food SFS-48-2017: Resource-efficient urban agriculture for multiple b 14 February 2017
Food SFS-21-2016/2017: Advancing basic biological knowledge and impro 17 February 2017
Food SFS-23-2016: Improving the technical performance of the Mediterr 17 February 2017