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Call Details

Work Programme : SwafT - Science with and for Society
Call Identifier : SwafS-18-2016: The Ethics of technologies with high socio-econom
Call Type : General International Cooperation Call
Call Description : The Ethics of technologies with high socio-economic impact and Human Rights relevance
Some technologies raise complex ethical issues that can have considerable socio-economic impact and generate lively debates on research ethics and Human Rights.
While the work shall integrate the broad ethical perspectives of the emerging technologies, especially those with potentially high social and economic impact, the focus shall be on (a) genomics, in particular genetic testing and screening, genetic patents, genetic databanks and pharmacogenomics and (b) human enhancement, including a categorisation of human enhancement practices on the basis of social, medical and technical criteria and (c) human-machine interactions including the creation of intelligent environments. All the concerned technologies raise several interrelated ethical issues for which there is not yet a clear and stable framework at EU and international level.
Publication Date : 14 October 2015
Deadline : 30 August 2016
Targeted countries :