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Call Details

Work Programme : SwafT - Science with and for Society
Call Identifier : SwafS-14-2017: A Linked-up Global World of RRI
Call Type : General International Cooperation Call
Call Description : At the moment, 'a linked-up global world of RRI', is a future, and speculative, perspective. But the world is definitely linked-up, and there is recurrent mention of, and occasional work on, RRI-type issues all over the world. In the field of nanotechnology, for some time (since the early 2000s) there were platforms and spaces for dialogue. What is the role of regulation and of civil society in a linked-up global society? What is the role of industry, with the dynamics of firms wanting to appear as 'good firms' rather than the contrary? Similarly, what is the role of nation states and international organizations in this global world?
The present topic spans at least over three overlapping foci:
- Identification and analysis of platforms and spaces for RRI-type issues
- Comparative studies of major and minor players, taking into account differences especially the situation of developing countries
- Advantages (up to competitiveness) of RRI, and ethical behaviour in general.
It is also important to locate these questions and trends in current and emerging governance frameworks.
Publication Date : 14 October 2015
Deadline : 30 August 2017
Targeted countries :