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Call Details

Work Programme : LEIT - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies
Call Identifier : ICT-37-2016: CHINA: Collaboration on Future Internet
Call Type : Targeted call
Call Description : The challenge is to create the conditions for optimised cooperation opportunities between the European and the Chinese research and innovation ecosystems including standardisation, in particular for key strategic domains where global approaches, interoperability and standards are sought like IoT and 5G. It includes the identification of practical opportunities for future cooperation on a reciprocal basis.
The scope of the work is of analytical nature, and requires a good understanding of both the Chinese and European models for research support, standardisation support, and lead market introduction. The work targets the analysis of the Chinese research/standardisation/innovation ecosystems, of their main partners and conditions of contributions and participation for foreign companies, including the legal environment.
Publication Date : 14 October 2015
Deadline : 19 January 2016
Targeted countries : China