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Call Details

Work Programme : LEIT - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies
Call Identifier : EUB 2 – 2015
Call Type : Targeted call
Call Description : High Performance Computing (HPC)
Publication Date : 15 October 2014
Deadline : 21 April 2015
Title : High Performance Computing (HPC)
Description : Specific Challenge: The work aims at the development of state-of-the-art High Performance Computing (HPC) environment that efficiently exploits the HPC resources in both the EU and Brazil and advances the work on HPC applications in domains of common interest.
Scope: Specific focus will be on application work of HPC on societal challenges and in areas such as transport, energy, environment, climate, health and bio-sciences, prediction and simulation of natural disasters, disaster prevention and crisis management, urban development etc.
Expected impact:
Applications benefitting from this environment could have a direct impact in a number of fields of common interest such as climate change, natural resources management, bio and life sciences. Actions on this topic will increase efficiency in the usage of expertise and HPC e-Infrastructures that exploit the computational, communication and data resources existing on both sides of the Atlantic.
- Improved co-operation of EU-Brazil academia on advanced computing for HPC application development.
- Improved sharing of information and expertise to solve societal problems with the use of advanced computing.
- Enhanced co-operation of industries in the relevant application areas, in EU and Brazil.
- Improvement in early warning of natural disasters.
Targeted countries : Brazil