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Call Details

Work Programme : LEIT - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies
Call Identifier : ICT 25 – 2015
Call Type : Targeted call
Call Description : Generic micro- and nano-electronic technologies
Publication Date : 15 October 2014
Deadline : 14 April 2015
Title : Generic micro- and nano-electronic technologies
Description : Specific Challenge: The objective is to keep Europe's position at the forefront of advanced micro- and nano-electronic technologies developments. This is essential to maintain Europe's global position in the area and to ensure strategic electronic design and manufacturing capability in Europe avoiding dependencies from other regions. Advanced micro- and nano-electronics technologies enable innovative solutions to societal challenges.
Coordination and support actions
- International cooperation with USA and Asia in the areas of standardisation including in manufacturing (450 mm wafers); improved assessment of the potential impact on workers of the manipulation of nano-materials in the semiconductor fabrication process.
- Development of common roadmaps; early technology benchmark/identification on promising novel technologies.
- Awareness actions targeted at young students.
Targeted countries : China, India, Japan, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of), Korea (Republic of), Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United States of America