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Call Details

Work Programme : LEIT - Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies
Call Identifier : H2020-EUJ-2014
Call Type : Targeted call
Call Description : This topic is a major element for the implementation of EU-Japan cooperation in the area of future networks. It sets the basis for further progress in four distinctive themes, with the objective of developing common positions, standards and interoperable systems for critical networks and computing platforms. It aims as well at reinforcing the mechanisms for an efficient definition and implementation of joint R&D actions. Proposals with balanced participation of EU and Japanese partners should make a substantial contribution to the identified themes indicating the benefits of a joint effort.
Publication Date : 7 January 2014
Deadline : 10 April 2014


Title : EUJ-1-2014: Technologies combining big data, internet of things in the cloud
Description : Big data, internet of things are trends which will influence and impact the future development of cloud computing systems. Information gathering, processing and computing of massive amounts of data generated from and delivered to highly distributed devices (e.g. sensors and actuators) creates new challenges, especially for services and data hosted and executed across borders including EU and Japan. These requirements will impact the underlying cloud infrastructure requiring efficient management of very large sets of globally distributed non-structured or semi-structured data that could be produced at very high rates (i.e. big data). A multi-cloud service platform supported by broadband networks needs to handle all these challenges and appear to the application environment as one uniform platform.
Targeted countries : Japan
Title : EUJ-2-2014: Optical communications
Description : The research activity focuses on technologies of optical communication networks, which will allow coping with the expected significant traffic growth and meet the flexibility requirements imposed by major trends in the evolution of network usage, out of which cloud computing notably.
Targeted countries : Japan
Title : EUJ-3-2014: Access networks for densely located users
Description : The topic focus on technologies and system approaches to realize high speed/high capacity dense local networks, as may be encountered in very high density locations where many users use high-capacity broadband applications. The goal is to develop high-performance heterogeneous access network systems which have dynamic resource allocation capability.
Targeted countries : Japan
Title : EUJ-4-2014: Experimentation and development on federated Japan - EU testbeds
Description : Connecting, federating and sharing experimental platforms and testbeds in Europe with NICT's orchestrated Smart ICT testbed in order to carry-out global large-scale experimentations.
Targeted countries : Japan